Investigator – Corporate

Having completed over 1000 factual investigations relating to workplace injuries, dishonesty, bullying and numerous other matters, we will find the truth and provide you with a brief of evidence and appropriate legal recommendations.

Risk and Security Assessor

Whether a large corporation or a small trader, we assess your risk in all endeavours and provide viable simple solutions to protect you, your assets and your name.

Workplace Trainer

We provide your specific or annual training in relation to emergency, fire, robbery and most statutory requirements for staff and managers. This assists in reducing costly rehabilitation and possible litigation.

Investigator – Domestic or Private Matters

We will do a lot for people with ongoing matters of concern in their personal or private lives. Domestic Abuse, Stalking, Intimidation, Harassment and any Safety Concerns.

Crime Prevention Auditor

If your company or you personally have ongoing crime issues we assess the situation and assist in giving you peace of mind. Crime Prevention is much better than crime.

WHS Contractor

We come to you, set up and implement a tailored WHS program. No need to have a fulltime WHS Manager, we contract at a fraction of the cost, ensuring compliance with legislation and assisting to protect your people.