Domestic Violence – Stalking and Intimidation

Self control, it seems to have disappeared in many people, in particular respecting others wishes for privacy. Anyone know of a marriage break down which turned nasty. The woman, in most cases being watched, followed, receiving text messages. It's a terrifying situation. It happens between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends all the way into the schoolyard. You may even have a neighbour that causes fear when you leave the house. Police turn up, do what they can, take out an AVO for you,  an Apprehended Violence Order, do you know there is a whole day devoted to AVO's at most local courts in NSW. But an AVO is not a shield.


What I think is under used, apart from action on breaches of AVO's, the crimes of stalking and intimidation. Police have trouble acting on these offences because of the proofs required. It needs to be shown that the regular meetings were not by accident, that the person was sitting outside the house watching or looking through the windows. The penalty is five years gaol. If you know someone who has this problem I can help advise on what to do and/or gather evidence required to assist Police in gaining a prosecution, thus letting the victims recover their life. I wrote this because I hate the fact people will not leave others alone.

If you know of someone who has an issue like this, tell them to contact me.