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About CCTV (closed-circuit television) is also called static video surveillance. Here is my educated belief, most video surveillance is useless. As a police Intelligence Manager I was given thousands of crimes captured on video surveillance or CCTV in digital or analogue, from a multitude of sources. People and some police expected me to be able to zoom in from hundreds of feet and get a photo of the offender or the registration number of a vehicle or to enhance a grainy or dark image. I learned how to get the best out of every image; however, it cannot be done adequately with average equipment. It relies on the video surveillance system that you have installed and on the equipment available to Police.

The secret to most video surveillance is the positioning of the cameras and your ongoing timely maintenance. Dust build up is a killer on cameras. Perhaps you have a new business, factory or home or want to update an old system. You have a skilled technician install cameras and a hard disk on your premises or integrated 'cloud' storage.  You have paid a significant amount for a system that is clear and looks nice on your surveillance monitor. In my experience those techs often use the same locations as the previous premises they worked on, but yours needs to be site specific. What about blind spots, the distance from the camera to the point of the crime, a facial image camera? Far more important than just having a video of a crime, which is nice to look at, it the evidentiary value that is so important.  You want images of their faces, their clothing, and their vehicle up close to help the investigator. So much can be done with one clear image.

Of all the crime surveillance videos brought to me, less than 5% were useful.  Many systems were good, but had little forethought when installed, then were not maintained. You can back it in; the camera that has been out for weeks is the one that would have captured the incident. Coincidental or planned is the question in some of these crimes, if staff are involved in causing the incident they may be aware that the camera was out and that you do not usually take immediate action to have your system repaired.

I offer to help make your video surveillance the best it can be on your budget, I will tell you where to place cameras for crime prevention or to capture crimes, workplace accidents or public liability concerns. It might assist in complaints against staff by other staff or people at your premises. In a nutshell it might save a whole lot of heartache.

David Seedsman



Domestic Violence – Stalking and Intimidation

Self control, it seems to have disappeared in many people, in particular respecting others wishes for privacy. Anyone know of a marriage break down which turned nasty. The woman, in most cases being watched, followed, receiving text messages. It's a terrifying situation. It happens between husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends all the way into the schoolyard. You may even have a neighbour that causes fear when you leave the house. Police turn up, do what they can, take out an AVO for you,  an Apprehended Violence Order, do you know there is a whole day devoted to AVO's at most local courts in NSW. But an AVO is not a shield.


What I think is under used, apart from action on breaches of AVO's, the crimes of stalking and intimidation. Police have trouble acting on these offences because of the proofs required. It needs to be shown that the regular meetings were not by accident, that the person was sitting outside the house watching or looking through the windows. The penalty is five years gaol. If you know someone who has this problem I can help advise on what to do and/or gather evidence required to assist Police in gaining a prosecution, thus letting the victims recover their life. I wrote this because I hate the fact people will not leave others alone.

If you know of someone who has an issue like this, tell them to contact me.